I am a newlywed trying to figure out how to feed two people who have very different tastes. I married a New York Italian guy who is used to eating homemade red sauce or meat and potatoes with every meal. I grew up in a house where spaghetti (for me, anyway) was topped with butter and the cheese that comes out of a green can. As a child my mother gave my sister and me vegetable plates to snack on while we watched TV; my hubby’s idea of vegetables is a potato chip. One of my favorite meals consisted of a baked potato and a salad; his was steak. I have had to learn how to cook meals that will satisfy both of our tastes and hopefully keep us at healthy weights. Here I will document the successes, and the things that I liked but maybe he just didn’t. Hopefully I will even get him to eat a vegetable or two along the way.

I spend too much time looking at recipes on Pinterest and in magazines and books trying to find something that I think both of us will not only eat, but love, and when I find something delicious, I will pass it along to you.

And maybe, just maybe, one day you will be able to find a vegetarian dish that my hubby actually requested in this list of recipes. Anything could happen, right?


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